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The Kill Code

When a young boy in Australia is rescued from a dangerous ring of child predators, police trace the group’s leader back to Atlanta, Georgia. Special Agent Alex Walker with Homeland Security is assigned the task of locating the elusive El Maestro and taking down the global ring of pedophiles.

Newly hired Assistant US Attorney Carrie Reynolds is determined to make a difference in the lives of families who’ve been torn apart by monsters. Monsters like the one who came after her. But working with Agent Walker proves to be more than she bargained for.

Can Alex and Carrie cooperate long enough to make the case of their careers? Can they fight their growing attraction, when giving in could mean losing everything they’ve worked so hard for?




A fast-paced short story to kick off a new crime fiction series by J.L. Hays...

Nearly a year after the traumatic events set in motion by his ex-wife, Detective Alex Walker is looking forward to the next chapter of his life as a Special Agent with Homeland Security. In his last week with the Glynn County Police Department, he volunteers to return to the bike patrol on Saint Simons Island to help out during the Fourth of July festival. He’s once again paired with Steve Albright, his one-time best friend and now estranged brother-in-law. Tension flares over Alex’s inability to forgive his sister, and the two friends seem unable to even look each other in the eye.

When a shooting on the island pulls them into a manhunt, the two must work together to find the suspect before anyone else is hurt. Can Alex put his past behind him and prevent another tragic death? Or will his desperate need to protect an innocent victim get him killed?